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Default US 8th archive

Orders of Battle Part I (the Howling Wilderness Version)


Military Region III
- 108th Infantry Division (3000 troops, 3 AFVs)
- 30th Engineer Brigade (1300 troops, 2 AFVs)
- 184th Infantry Brigade (1800 troops, 9 AFVs)
- 228th Infantry Brigade (1000 troops)

Note: most of Military Region III is meant to be displaced by Spring 2001 according to canon, with the 30th EB and 108th ID planning to move.

Military Region V
- 35th Engineer Brigade (1200 troops)
- 84th Infantry Division (3500 troops)
This area is supposedly stable but Civgov is apparently planning to move its HQ/Capitol to Wisconsin.


Strategic Reserve(CONUS)
- 100th ID (6000 troops, 6 tanks)
- Cadet Brigade (400 troops, 1 tank)

5th US Army
- 194th Armored Brigade (800 troops, 8 tanks)
- 197th Infantry Brigade (1500 troops, 13 tanks)

90th Corps
- 49th Armored Division (including School Brigade 2300 troops, 5 tanks)
- 95th Infantry Division (2000 troops, 1 tank)
(according to canon the Oklahoma enclaves will be wiped out at some point in the near future, the 90th Corps collapsing as a viable military unit)

122nd Corps
- 85th Infantry Division (300 troops)
- 98th Infantry Division (1000 troops, 3 tanks)
(while the Louisiana cantonments including the 85th will appartently also be wiped out, according to canon the 98th is successful in rooting out New American insurgency in Arkansas and s. Missouri, restoring order)

6th US Army
(including the 63rd Army Corps)
- 46th Infantry Division (1100 troops, 4 tanks)
- 49th MP Brigade (500 troops)
(The cantonments around Sacramento to San Francisco are expected to likely degenerate into local dictatorships and militias)

9th US Army
(including the 8th Army Corps)
- 47th Infantry Division (2000 troops)
- 104th Infantry Division (2000 troops, 2 tanks)
(The 104th while formerly involved in mineral exploration operations in Wyoming will apparently have to retreat into Idaho/Montana to deal with marauders, while the 47th is apparently cut off from regular Milgov supply routes by the New Americans in s. Idaho.)

78th Infantry Division (900 troops, 1 tank)
(Apparently the large enclave in eastern New Jersey will be reduced by about half its territory in the coming year)

As can probably be seen, this picture is very bleak indeed. It more or less suggests that law and order as presented by either government will be reduced to a single cantonment on the East Coast. With the fall of Oklahoma and California Milgov is basically reduced to: a single cantonment in NJ, the state of Arkansas plus Memphis TN, Colorado and parts of Idaho/Montana, and the NW corner of Washington. Civgov is reduced to the areas of e. Nebraska, w. Wisconsin and e. Minnesota, and a number of refugees and wandering military units. The question of whether the country can be unified is moot, the question as to whether civilization will survive in the USA is the real one.

The Alternate OOB

This alternate OOB presumes that Operation Omega actually had a real effect on the USA.

While maintaining the above OOBs, the following are added.


The 38th Infantry Division (4000 troops) heads as a cohesive unit to the midwest, intending to return home. Regardless of former service only Civgov is attempting to restore order in this region, therefore they realign to this service.

The 28th Infantry Division (1000 troops) returns to Pennsylvania, where it ends up working along with the 228th Infantry Division to begin restoring order in the area around Harrisburg and the lower parts of the state.


7th US Army

I Corps, consisting of the 3rd Mechanized Division, 6th Infantry Division (L), 1st Mechanized Division add up to roughly 11,000 troops, which are depicted in "Going Home" as being part of cohesive units.

V Corps
3rd Armored Division (5000 troops)
44th Armored Division (3000 troops, brought up to strength by troops from other units)
278th Armored Cavalry Regiment (400 troops)
4th Infantry Division (2000 troops)

The 7th Army could certainly be used to drive out the remnants of the invasion force in Texas and link up with 5th Army. There are any number of possibilities.

As can be seen, in this scenario Milgov definitely gets the upper hand but there is also a strong chance of restoring order in a larger region than that above. It makes the survival of the nation a real possibility.

I know this has been discussed before, but I've reached a crucial moment in my campaign where my players must be made aware of the extent of the situation in the USA. Obviously whichever scenario I go with will have a huge impact on what happens and what my players feel is possible.
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