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Default Actions In Game

I now proceed to getting some NPCs on call for the mission :

they work as consultanst and on a need to know basis .They dont know the others ,our location or our objective .I on the other hand would like to have a line on the NPCs to get em back if they try to cheat us .

they are located in the greater Chicago area and have no face to face with any PCs until called on their burners .

They are paid the regular rate of 5000 US $ pr week and expenses for reasonable travel and accomodation .Equipment etc is their own responsibility ,but anything crucial will be reimbursed .

1. Driver a professional transporter to get someone from A to B on call for the duration of mission. Car will be paid for within reasonable limits .Nothing flashy please.

2. A medical doctor /surgeon . To remain on call for mission ,and be prepared to travel domestically at 1 hour notice .Equipment will be reimbursed as pr actual costs .He is expected to preform trauma medicine .

The short time span of the mission and a nice bonus is fronted as selling points .

Serious candidates only .

Discretion and sobriety a must .

Next I make a note of local hospitals just in case we need to dump someone bleeding to death on a doorstep .
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