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Originally Posted by Tanper View Post
There is actually semi-official lore surrounding this, as there was an official Twilight 2000 sourcebook in Finnish called "The Nordic Countries".
I'll post the main details here (will post additional details to those interested, I own the book):

Finland is under military dictatorship.
Sweden in in the grips of a civil war.
Denmark is quite okay.
Norway is led by a heroic military-prince.
Iceland is just about normal.
I was under impression that it was an unofficial addition, since it was only in finnish. So I am sorta disregarding that book.

Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
These are what I think are the main hits when I put "Finland" in as the search parameter. There were 130 threads found in total though, and I didn't use any other parameters, so it's quite likely some relevant threads have been missed.
Thank you Legbreaker, some of those threads contained very good information!

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