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The soldier looked up from his position at the range. His drill sergeant was screaming at him again - but he couldn't hear the words, like the volume dial on the world was turned to zero. The only thing he could make out was "American", and then only faintly. The red-faced drill sergeant started to kick him, but all he felt was a gentle rocking. He blinked....

... and woke. He looked up at Brygida's face, faintly illuminated in the dim light from the makeshift lamp. She moved back and the soldier slowly rose to a sitting position. His whole body felt stiff, but his head was clearer. He worked his mouth as he tried to fight the horrible dryness inside. Seeing this, Brygida handed him a canteen and he took a sip, then another. Not wanting to seem like a pig, he handed the canteen back. Brygida took it and then hoisted her newly-acquired AK, saying "Come, this way." She gestured to his gear. "Bring."

Kitting up again, the soldier wondered what was next. She had said something about 'showing him something' last night (or was that part of the dream?). As he thought about this, he struggled to get his boots back on his feet. They weren't in the best of shape. The numbness of fatigue had dulled the pain from some points where his feet were rubbed a bit raw; a problem due to his holey socks. Finally ready, he rose and followed the woman. It took him about this long to realize that the other woman, Anka, was not here. Perhaps his brain wasn't working on all cylinders quite yet.

He followed Brygida back to the ladder up to the ground floor. Emerging after her from the trapdoor, they found Anka in the corridor. She nodded to him in greeting, but without a smile on her face. She also carried her new AK, minus most of the sight that had been mounted on it. It looked like she had just broken off what she could and left it at that.

The two women exchanged some words, and Anka gestured him forward. He followed as they led back along the corridors and out of the building. The day outside was grey and a light rain fell from the sky; nothing serious, but enough to make you wet if you stayed out in it for more than a few minutes. Anka led as the trio moved cautiously along the side of the building and around a few corners, past the debris of civilization lost.

Finally, they rounded a corner and Anka stopped. She gestured ahead and the soldier's eyes followed. Brygida came up next to him. "What you think?"
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