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Even predictions of nuclear winter are not as bad in the southern hemisphere. One prediction only shows a 30% reduction in crops. They warn that this could still be bad if there is a large influx of refugees. So the disruption of services in Papau New Guinea and other parts of Indonesia may cause conflict on the northern shores. Alice Springs will be iffy thanks to Pine Gap. Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth are likely hit hard. I have to admit I am not very familiar with military bases and power stations in Australia.

Given all that, the role of something like the Morrow Project in Australia may be more focused on helping the agriculture with faster maturing strains of wheat and other crops to make the most of the shorter, drier and cooler growing seasons. They would also have more teams suited less for recon and more towards refugee management and re-settlement. Given the distances and amount of supplies needed, I would assume that we would see land trains larger than already present in Australia, or at the very least many more of them. A fair number of the will be fusion powered.
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