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Default Lobscouse

This is an ancient dish known under various similar names throughout the northern world. In Lapland it is called ‘lapskuis’ and the recipe includes walrus, in Germany it includes both meat and herrings, in Sweden it is called ‘lapskijs’ and is still made with salt meat, in the U.S. it appears as ‘corned beef hash’, using the type of slat meat which the call ‘corned beef’. Lobscouse is simply a dish made by mixing small pieces of meat or fish with broken-up ship’s biscuit, onions, or leeks and/or potatoes.

1lb (450gm) salt beef or pork or fish or walrus (or a mixture of all or any of these), cut into similar sized pieces, say about ½ inch (1cm) cubes, raw or pre-cooked. Or a large can of corned beef.

2 large potatoes, peeked and cut into pieces the same size as the meat

1 large onion or 2 large leeks, roughly chopped

2 tablespoons slush, or beef dripping, or lard, or even olive oil. 3-4 ship’s biscuits, crushed in a bag , salt and freshly ground pepper

Your choice of spices, cloves, nutmeg, mace, ginger

If using raw ingredients, start by boiling the meat and fish and the potatoes until almost done, then strain them. Slice the onions and fry them until golden brown. Place everything except the onions into a large frying-pan, pout the onions and their fat over the top and stir well. If frying, do so for 10-15 minutes, stirring regularly. If baking, add some hot water or some of the original cooking water, or beer, put a lid on the casserole and place in a hot oven for 30-45 minutes. In either case, a fried egg is a good addition when serving.

Another variation on lobscouse is ‘crackerhash’, made by layering salt beef, cooked pease and crushed biscuit in a casserole, dotting the top with plenty of beef dripping or slush and baking it in the oven.
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