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Default Homemade Spam

Spam was originally marketed to busy housewife’s as ‘the miracle meat’ that didn’t need to be refrigerated. Spam’s big selling points included being enjoyed hot or cold, straight from the can.

5lbs pork shoulder
1lb ham
2 tbs + 1 tsp Tender Quick
3tbs sugar
3tbs corn-starch or potato starch
1tbs Kosher salt
1 cup, ice cold water

Heat the oven 250 degrees.
If there is a bone-in piece of pork shoulder, remove the bone and set aside.
Dice the pork should meat into stew-size pieces, keeping any fat attached to the meat.

Again, without trimming off any fat, dice the ham into the same size pieces as the pork shoulder.

Spread the cubed meats in an even layer on a tray and freeze for 45 minutes to firm up.

Meanwhile, make a curing slurry. Mix the Tender Quick, sugar, corn-starch and salt in a bowl with the ice-cold water until the dry ingredients are dissolved.

Set the bowl to one side while you grind the meats, either pushing them through a grinder or using a heavy-duty food processor.

Combine the ground meats in a large bowl and pour over the slurry, mixing everything together really well, preferably with your hands.

Once everything is thoroughly mixed, press the mixture into a bread pan(s) and securely double-wrap the pan with aluminum foil.

Place the bread pan into a larger pan and pour in cold water to come to three quarters of the way up the side before putting into the oven for 3 to 3 ½ hours.

After the cooking time is complete, remove from the oven and check that the center of the loaf has reached an internal temperature of 155 degrees.
Take the pan out of the water bath and place a heavy weight on top of the foil and leave until completely cool.

Once cooled, place into the refrigerator, with the weight in place, overnight.
The next morning, remove the weight and foil, and loosen around the edges of your Spam with a butter knife. Slide out onto a plate and slice.
There will be a nice, delicious savory jelly that surrounds the meat. Store the jelly and the meat in a refrigerator for up to 5 days or freeze in parchment paper-wrapped slices.
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