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Default Bannock Bread

Prized for its long-lasting qualities, this bread is easy to make It can be cooked in a pan or wrapped around a stick over a fire and cooked in an oven.

3 cups of flour
cup of lard
2 trsps of baking soda
2 pinches of salt
2 cups of water

Start by mixing the flour and lard together. You can use two forks to mash the flour and lard together. You basically want to spread the lard throughout the flour before adding water. Otherwise, you will have a big lump of flour, baking soda, salt and water on one side and a lump of lard on the other. So take your time and mix the flour and lard thoroughly.

Next you add the baking soda, salt and you can even add dried fruits such as raisins or currants.

At this point you add water. It will start as a stodgy mess but as you keep mixing the dough will start to come together.

Before wrapping the mix around a stick, make sure its has been cleaned and it is best to pass the stick several times through the fire. Divide your dough into portions that you will be wrapping around your stick(s).

Tightly wrap the dough around the end of the stick, making sure that the dough is secure so that it stays on the end of the stick during cooking.
You can hold the stick over the fire or you can brace the stick on a Y-shaped stick, make sure that you rotate the dough a couple of times until it is brown on all sides.

Bannock can be eaten right away or it can be stored long term. This bread will last at least a couple of months.
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