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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
Me, admit anything?!! Why no officer, I have no idea why all of these empty beer cans are in my car!

The way I use equipment lockers in my games as that they are storage lockers for a mattock, 2 D-handle shovels, a crowbar, a hatchet and 300 sandbags. As for the medkit, extra pistol and ration pack...I don't care for it, I don't use it, YOMDPTY!

We have extras like that in the lockers for our Campaigns as well. The emergency Bailout gear (the extra medkit, pistol & ration pack) has gone a long way for the team as well. In one of the games we ran, the extra pistol was given to a local who joined the group as a local guide to replace the ancient (and very inaccurate) rifle that they were using. They were also given use of one of the M14 rifles carried in the vehicles.

But most of my teams that i've ran (and ran with), have completely field stripped the 'disposable' Boltholes of EVERYTHING (even the things bolted down) and loaded them up on the vehicles.

They'd also use the disposable bolthole as a central rally point with spare gear for emergencies. It's why we came up with the idea of the Project Emergency Shelters for the teams. Of course... One of the teams had turned the Bolthole into a HOME.

No, I'm not kidding...

They did it because the chose to keep the cyrotubes for major medical emergencies (ie, someone hurt so bad that they didn't think they had the ability to save them, they'd put them in the cryotube so that when the Health & Medical Teams were activated they could be transferred to them). And the things in the bolthole that they set up, was for when the tubes were active to have someone watching over them. Of course, the place was set up to be VERY nice. A couple of feather beds, bookshelves, and other things as well.

It's what gave us the idea that it was just wasteful to have boltholes being a one time only deal. We made them modular with various levels of use.
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