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Originally Posted by natehale1971 View Post

But most of my teams that i've ran (and ran with), have completely field stripped the 'disposable' Boltholes of EVERYTHING (even the things bolted down) and loaded them up on the vehicles.

As always, great pictures! The Damocles one looks creepy.

That said, I've never seen the above example. happen in any game, except after the players have secured a base of operations elsewhere, preferably in a town.

As an afterthought I have had players come back and salvage boltholes and cryotubes, but never carry it with them like street people lugging a shopping cart. For example, in my current campaign, locals who are professoinal salvagers are paid to do the dirty work and salvage bolthole materials, but the boltholes are already abandoned, as intended. In this case, yes, the cryotubes are pulled, wiring is scavenged, light fixtures are removed, battery packs, cabinets, everything.

My feeling is players already have enough excuses to "hide and hoard" already, why encourage it by making the boltholes into livable bases? One of the Project's supposed advantages was intended to be the mobility of teams.

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