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Seeing the Pt47-65 near the end made me think of how useful Wolsztyn could be. It's the last place in Europe running regular steam service, and along with a rail museum there it's where the Pt47-65 is now, along with another running Pt47 (the 47-112) and one non-running Pt47 (the 47-106). It also has eight(!) Ol49 trains, five in service (49-7, 49-23, 49-59, 49-69, and 49-111) and three out of service (49-60, 49-85, and 49-99). The Pt47 is a heavy fast 2-8-2 locomotive (600 tonnes at 110 km/h), while the Ol49 is a light passenger 2-6-2 locomotive designed for use on poor rail. Plus, there's a roundhouse for storage and repairs (although the Pt47 can't use it because they're too long for the turntable).
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