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It would make sense that the Soviets High Command or what was left was planning for Offensive in their own right. Or were there two offensives planned. First one involving the 22nd Cavalry Army who were suppose to sweep aside units that were no longer responding, and then 4th Guards Tank Army would then make it way to the front.

Don't think the Soviet had much advance notice, we have to remember after the initial strike by the XI Corps that the advance would be stop and go. They would have to stop to hole up, and set up the stills for a while to fill gas tanks. I don't think they had much notice in advance, due to the fact the loyalty of the Poles was questionable at best, and even Soviet units had stop accepting orders too along the line.

The 22nd Cavalry Army seemed to have gotten to their objectives just a tad too late, but soon enough to effective close a trap. To me it seems like the 5th Mechanized had surge forward sooner then expected. The plan seemed to have 22nd Cavalry and 3rd Shock Armies to pin down the 5th while the 4th went on through to help handle the XI Corps and 3rd German Army. Also one has to remember the 8th Mechanized had been on break out too.

I think both sides were quite unaware of the planned offensives the other side was planning, just happen the NATO launched their first. Then the counter-offensive that the Pact had to launch put other plans behind.
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