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Default Advanced timelines

Has anyone ever advanced their timelines on their story or game? I decided to advance it for one. I moved the nuclear war date to 2025. For me it allowed some better tech and more corporations to either be rolled into the Morrow project or be adversaries to it. It makes for more fun to not only have SF "snake eaters" to reason with but possibly "Blackwater" or private military's to contend with. (Monsanto owns the company formally known as "Blackwater and that makes for great conspiracy and future play) So this can make for great campaign fun, "who are the good guys?". Or imagine Space X working with the MP and having one, two or even three rockets stowed away in silos with satellite packages ready to go and the team has to either save, launch or make the decision to terminate the rockets and payloads. I found it made a better fit for the younger players and also made for better play.
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