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When I had some time a few years back, I actually looked at some actual companies and, using canon dates, placed a bunch for the CoT and Rich 5. The results were surprising, to say the least. If there is interest, I can share it.

But I have worked out a large network of companies that through a myriad of corporate shells and other dealings make it difficult to without spending years trying to get records and doing forensic accounting on all of them. It also works with my envisioning of the Krell and how they got started and work. I really haven't made other such groups, but it would make sense that they would pop up. They have skills, tech, and gear that would help them in the short term after the war and to become either a pocket of safety or a local warlord with a gang or tribe behind them.

I should put making a few on my list of things to add. They would make a nice addition to my religons and zealots for thing to challenge my players with.
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