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I've recently had some extra time on my hands with the covid 19 to post about our twilight experience. The only player I have left these days is my brother. When I first got the game in 1992 we were playing off and on for years. Of course as we grew up others played then left and would end up in the npc pile and eventually we stopped playing. After my brothers divorce we picked it up again, he decided that he wanted to get all his players from around the world home and concentrate on rebuilding the united states (however I think his real plan is to set up his own government lol). First his men in California participated in there rebuilding efforts then thru some large scale coordination started freeing up southern California and aiding forces in Arizona. Then we continued an older group of mid east characters that had made it to Thailand and stole an LST then started island hoping all the way to Hawaii then California and eventually join up with his men there. Now we are getting ready to have his men that failed the mission from armies of the night (they fled the city heading north) to head west to Colorado and find the brother of a character last known to be in California. Its been quite a journey so far with the battle of twenty nine palms to the battle of tucson and a large price on the head of Col. Paynes by the Mexican forces for his use of chemical weapons on the battle field. I'm interested to see what trouble he starts next.
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