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Originally Posted by worst2first View Post
Hello everyone.

I saw a post about this form on the Facebook page for the new Free League version of T2K and thought I would join.

I've been playing RPGs and tabletop games for about 20 years. I live in Dallas, Texas. I currently work as an assessment developer and editor.

My friends and I played our first game of First Edition T2K last weekend. T2K was the first RPG my friend purchased but he was too young to really understand it. When he saw there was a new version in development he bought PDFs of the original to hold us over until Free League publishes the new edition.

I had a lot of fun last weekend. We're playing again tomorrow. I think a setting like T2K is probably the only way to have a military-themed RPG that works because the chain-of-command is so limiting to player freedom.

I look forward to reading the many resources you all have developed and hopefully contributing some to the discussions.


(My username is based on my approach to sports video games. I've always enjoyed taking terrible teams and trying to turn them into champions. I guess I like underdogs.)
Welcome aboard. Feel free to post or even NECRO old threads. Unlike the D&D forums, we don't care about reviving old threads.
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