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Default [Plot Hook] Good old Fashion dungeon crawls

So has anyone honestly thought of how to do an old fashion dungeon crawl in Tw2k. I mean all through out Europe there were a bunch of bunkers for government, military, and probably others during the Cold War.

See for example:

There was some similar structures in the 50s and 60s in the USA.



I bring this up because, although I know some of these places were obviously targets during the nuke exchanges or were overrun during the back and forth in Europe. Yet, I am sure some of these were abandoned by the survivors with what they could carry or could load in a few trucks. So there might a chance for a good ol'fashioned dungeon crawl into some of these bunkers as the players go around.

Thinking about that would some of these areas be good home base of operations? Marauder lairs? A plot point to find a MacGuffin or a person named MacGuffin?

Some things to maybe find in there
  1. Arms
  2. Weapons
  3. Food
  4. Medicine
  5. Maps with usable intelligence (like nuke strikes or caches)
  6. Fuel
  7. Vehicles
  8. Uniforms

After 4-5 years of combat would mean that some of these might still be full of stuff with working equipment, not totally destroyed systems installed. So working lights, fresh water, etc.
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