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I've done three "dungeon crawls." Two in Twilight2000 and one in my current Merc campaign.

The first was a hide-and-seek firefight in a bunker complex in Warsaw. It was comprised of both trenches and tunnels connecting improvized bunkers together. The firefights were "meeting engagements" at close range. This was a VERY bloody fight. Grenades are REAL KILLERS in confined environments.

The second involved the PCs searching the interior of a small hospital (4 stories + basement) for supplies while a band of marauders stalked them [unknown to the PCs]. The PCs had the advantage of two pair of NVGs and once contact was made, those proved so decisive, I had to add a couple of more bad guys to even make it a challenge, despite the advantage of surprise.

The most recent crawl involved the PCs searching through a Freighter for some stolen ivory WHILE the pirates/smugglers were loading and prepping the ship. Recently acquired suppressors and the team's superior HTH skills made this a bloody but challenging mission.

Yes, modern dungeon crawls are cool. Some other "blueprints" I have to use yet?
A power plant, a small oil refinery, and a sewer/water treatment plant (set up as a Krakow-sponsored mission for parts that didn't get played)
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