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Default NBC Decon Teams

Has anybody ever given any thought to this type?

“Social Engineering and Sociogenesis, The Project’s Real Goals” (located on the supplybunker web site). Refers to a Project team Called NBC Decon. The author describes this as consisting of 63 teams with 200 personal assigned (an average of 3 personnel each). I’ve always found myself at a bit of a loss trying to explain this team. And a large part of it has to do with just how do you decon an entire country?

My first exposure to the scale of the problem was when I happened across the Civil Defense Pamphlet for decontamination, now, this dates back to 1957 but it is interesting in a ‘what in blazes are they thinking’ sort of way. You see, they recommended that the reader use lots of hot or cold water, but with a preference for steam to really decon structures, vehicles, etc.. But for the decon of soil, they recommend scrapping the top 4-6 inches and ‘burying the spoil in large pits.” Wow. Use massive amounts of water, which becomes contaminated, thus creating lots of ‘fun’ for the poor slobs living downstream AND lets dig up millions of tons of contaminated soil and bury it.

Fast forward to today and the picture isn’t much better. The Project can field small teams to decontaminate critical infrastructure, but how do you decon the countryside?
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