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Originally Posted by Desert Mariner View Post
I donít believe you can plan to decontaminate the countryside. Most chemical agents dissipate fairly quickly and wonít be a long-term issue. Handling radiation will likely be limited to marking the hot areas so that people avoid them.

For the majority of scenarios, I see dedicated Decon Teams as a luxury the Project canít afford. Itís just too much manpower from a limited pool, unless you take a Recon or MARS team and cross-train them so that theyíre dual use. But this creates other issues in terms of the added equipment.

It would be more efficient to train all Project personnel in basic personal and equipment decontamination procedures while providing them with the necessary tools (detectors, M291, M295, etc.). Fixed bases would have more robust capabilities (M17, M12A1, M11, etc.) plus the needed consumables (DS2, HTH, etc.) and all base personnel would be trained in their use.
Perhaps there should be dedicated Decon Equipment caches that the teams can use instead?

EDIT: and for irony have the area it is in contaminated
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