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Originally Posted by Matt Wiser
Going Home mentions that former East German units still had their Pact weapons and vehicles. Nothing said about uniforms, though I'd bet that they'd get new cammies ASAP. Their original weapons still work, and there's still a lot of Soviet weapons and ammo in East Germany once it's cleared of Ivan. No sense in letting it go to waste, and it's also appropriate that since Ivan made that stuff, he should have it returned to him-by fire, of course.
As far as the uniforms, there's three ways to look at that.

1) You want them to be wearing the same uniforms as you, to prevent friendly fire due to mistaken identity and to impress on them a sense of unity of purpose.

2) There isn't enough time and uniforms available to actually do that.

This could lead to mixed uniforms as a transitional measure.

BTW, I'm not a big fan of each branch of the US military wearing their own combat uniforms. Not only is it wasteful of funds, but see my note above about mistaken identity and friendly fire.
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