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Default Kenyan Army


Kenyan Army


This is what I've been able to compile for the Kenyan Army. As I get more information I may have to do some tweaks to it.
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Some additional miscellaneous information for your file:

Armed forces strength (circa 1991): 19,000

Armor listings reported: Vickers Mk III, AML-60/90 Shorland, UR-416 & M3 APCs
Air Defence listings reported: Ramta TCM-20 20mm AAG

Small Arms listings reported: FN 35 9mm, Sterling L2A3 9mm, Uzi 9mm, H&K MP-5 9mm, FN FAL 7.62N, H&K G-3 7.62N, H&K 21A1, Bren L4, FN MAG, AAT-52, M-79 40mm, L16 81mm mortar, 120mm Brandt mortar, 84mm Carl Gustaf AT, Milan ATGW, 120mm Wombat

Miscellaneous notes: The Kenyan have received extensive military assistance and equipment from the UK and USA as well as training from said respective armed forces. Terms of serivce in the Kenyan Armed Forces are voluntary and not conscription based.

The World's Armies: An Illustrated review of the armies of the world
Edited by Chris Westhorp
Military Press
New York
Circa 1991
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