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Default A question about the old TMP supplement "The Armory Volume 1"

Hey everyone, while I know that "The Armory Vol1" is not actually a TMP book, I've hunted for it for about two decades because it was one of those "kinda related" supplements. Mentioned in lots of places but rarely seen in the wild!

I finally got my hands on a PDF through an acquaintance at my local game store and knowing how much trouble I've had trying to get a copy, this was one of those bizarre but lucky, random chance kind of things that came about over a conversation of how much I am tired of heroic fantasy RPGs. Considering how little publicity TMP got in Australia, I'm still amazed that I spoke to someone who knew exactly what it was. But enough babbling...

So my question is this; is the book still covered by any sort of copyright issue in regards to sharing it with others?
I would quite happily post a copy of it here but I don't want to cause any hassles for this website or anyone else due to copyright/IP violation.
So yeah, before consider I posting it, does anyone know the current legal state etc. etc. of "The Armory" at all?
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