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Originally Posted by Cdnwolf View Post
Any idea how much foreign currency is held at each branch of a bank? Wondering how to incorporate that as a chit.
That would depend on the location of the Bank and how much the demand is.

Banks in major cities would have some need, The country of bank would also determine they type of currency

Here in Canada many banks have US Bills. You go to major cities like Ottawa or Toronto and you find Currency exchange banks that could any number of currency.

Given the size of Krokow they would have a lot of banks and the city dose have a branch of the national of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) it about a 9 min walk from the city center. I could see that branch holding both Polish złoty and Soviet Rubles. Also give the international vibe given in Cannon you could also find other currency.

I could most of the paper money going making of ration chits and coins could used for payment or melted down for other purposes
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