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Default Potential research site

Found this as I was looking for some info on armoured vehicles and while it has a lot of information, it's not a complete listing of military equipment.
What makes it useful is you can decide country of origin (i.e. supplier), recipient of the equipment, range of years, type of equipment (in broad categories) and then you download a Word doc.

There are limits, you can't download comprehensive listings of aircraft plus vehicles plus anything else in one document, you have to search for each type separately. You can't display results on screen and it just gives you the basic info on the equipment (no technical specs etc. etc.)
For all the little faults, it does list Cold War era nations such as East Germany, the Soviet Union and so on.

Interestingly enough in this time of a 4th edition from a Swedish company, this website belongs to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
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