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been looking at the S-2 Tracker and how it could have been brought back for service on carriers during the Twilight War - I would think the best place they could have been obtained from actually would be California -Cal Fire (formerly CDF) operates 23 of the upgraded S-2FAT Turbo Trackers that have the torpedo bays replaced with water tanks - not sure how long it would take to retrofit them back - but that would be one place the Navy could get them to use on older carriers

Marsh Aviation in Mesa AZ had a bunch of them there as well that they were retrofitting as fire tankers - so could be flyable ones there too or even ones that hadnt been converted yet

Also the US must have had a few left in operational status - we sold three S-2G to Argentina in 1995

FYI we also sold 36 A-4M/OA-4M and TA-4F modernized to the A-4AR to them from 1997-2000 - not sure if they came from the last USN squadrons operating the aircraft or from the boneyard - but thats enough planes to form a couple of squadrons to equip something like Hornet or Oriskany if they pulled them out of long term storage (for the V-1 timeline where the Cold War doesnt end and thus the Navy keeps them around) - or for that matter the Lexington

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