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I agree that Prime Base needs to be looked at. It all depends on when TEOTWAWKI occurs.

IF you follow canon as it exists today, then guess what, you are stuck with the original Prime.

IF you push the date out, then, as you correctly state, technology evolves.

It just really depends on YOUR game. When do you want to light up WWIII?

One thing I have done in a lot of games, even those built around 1989, is better information about Prime to the field commanders.

IF you follow the canon, and Prime dies, then I have had at least some of the following things occur.

1) The delayed message to wake the teams occured. However, there was additional information encoded in the message. If a field commander of sufficent rank used his/her ID card to access the vehicle commo, then the rest of the message was issued. It showed the commander the location of the nearest regional supply base.

2) Once at the supply base, the commander's card would access a part of the computer's memory that contained the full story of the death of Prime. (At least as much as was known) The location of Prime was also released/

3) Upon activation of 20% or more of the field assets (Based upon attempts to contact Prime.) another signal was sent. This was to Prime Beta. The alternate command center. THis would wake the sleepers at Prime Beta with the story of the death of Prime Alpha. It also would bring on line a solid C3I base to begin the work of Morrow Project.

Just some ideas to kick around.

My $0.02

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