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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Any Morrow Teams frequenting this establishment with the exception of a CG Leader would be unaware of its actual purpose. Though that is has electrical power and clean water might cause them to investigate (good!). The assigned PsyOps and CA teams would operate in Contact kit and influence events indirectly.
Are you suggesting that they would break cover when they identified another Project team? If not, there isn't any meaningful interaction!

Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
As far as Krell or other enemies, OK.... this is usually operated in the center of a former urban or suburban area and part of a community. The locals might not appreciate someone coming to burn down their coffee shop. Thus we have a departure point for adventure.
Maybe I missed something still, but 150 years post-war that isn't going to be a coffee shop, and if the community is able to hold off a concerted Krell assault then they are a previously-unidentified national power!

Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Because in this way it can be identified for story purposes without expressly writing "Morrow Industries" in bold letters on the front door. A CG Leader or higher may know from preWar briefings and smart PCs probably have some knowledge of the many MI corporate holdings.
All of which goes against anything vaguely resembling standard practices in intelligence. You and I both know that the CIA exists, but even the NSA doesn't know how to identify CIA field assets!

Here is my attempt at being constructive: Intelligence assets should be identifiable only by the conscious decision of the intelligence operatives. If you want a regular Morrow team to get involved with Morrow Intel, then it will be the other side that recognizes them and initiates contact. Even police undercover officers operate that way. If regular teams can identify you then you have to assume that enemy operatives can identify you. And that is not constructive.
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