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I had 3 bow weapons I devised using the formulae from the Infantry Weapons Guide:

70-lb compound bow shooting a 17 gm arrow (arrow weight from an on-line source; not sure how much I trust it).
315 fps
Dmg: D6-1
Pen: Nil

(Typical) English Longbow (ca. 1300) shooting 58 gm arrow
600 fps
Dmg: 2
Pen: 1-Nil

Barnett Ghost 385 Crossbow shooting 400 gr (25.9 gm) bolt
385 fps
Dmg: 1
Pen: Nil

I will confess that I don't know much about bow mechanics, or how to (properly) translate lbs of pull to fps (or even how to calculate if a user is using all of the available power)

Now, you may not like the way damage is calculated in T2K. However, let me point out that all the other weapons in the game are calculated using the same method, however flawed; it does make for a viable way to compare weapons.

There is the issue in that formulae presented assumes that a bullet is a bullet is a bullet for comparing penetration; AP bullets are treated no different (perhaps the designers felt that at game scale & granularity, it doesn't). And it does not account for whether there is difference in the dynamics of target strike by an arrow, bolt, dart, or javelin.

(But then, T2K is assuming that primitive weapons will be scarce and therefore unimportant compared to gunplay.)

You can of course, change toa difference combat better designed to deal with non-firearm weaponry.

Uncle Ted
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