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There's a good article looking at energy, momentum, and sectional densities of projectiles here. Converting the foot-pounds of energy to joules:

Medium game (deer, antelope): 34 joules to 56 joules
Large game (elk, boar, black bear): 57 joules to 88 joules
Very large game (cape buffalo, grizzly): 89 joules plus

A primitive bow generates 39 joules, a modern bow 79. The light atlatl dart is 61 joules, and the heavy 84 joules. The low kinetic energy means there won't be any hydrostatic shock or penetration of modern armor, but the high momentum and sectional density suggest it should do well against soft tissue. It's one of those areas that's hard to model, particularly given T2K's reliance on KE for damage and penetration.

To give ideas of where the damage should fall, medium game has 6 hits, large game around 20 (using boar), and very large game 40-50 hits (using bear, cattle, and bison). One could argue for 2d6 for the old bow and around 6d6 for the other three weapons, since they should be able to drop boar. I'm not sure I'd go that high, but it's not totally absurd.
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