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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
Go to my PDF Download Page and downloads Wapahani's old site. He has pretty good rules for different types of ERA.
I had looked at that, since you mentioned it a few years back in this thread before I performed thread necromancy, and it was actually part of why I started digging into modern ERA. Because of the age of the site, the info Wapahani got from R/Peter had first and second generation ERA, so Blazer/Kontakt-1 and Kontakt-5, but not the more modern ARAT or Relikt (and information about the older systems has become a bit more available as they've become obsolescent). The newer systems wouldn't necessarily be useful for a by-the-book T2K, but in T2K13 or house timeline they might see use. And honestly, my numbers are pretty close to his - Kontakt-1 is 10 points off from the first generation ERA, and Kontakt-5 matches second generation for KE but I rate it 40 points better against HEAT since it's been discussed that it is effective against both but less so for KE.
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