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Originally Posted by Antenna
Served as an wheaterforecaster in the Swedish Airforce, got some on the side training that I still wonder why the hell I am in a battlezone now and then. It seems I got some weird training couse i seem to get out on recon missions now and then just for fun. =)

That doesn't strike me as unusual at all -- in the Army (especially at G-3 in Korea and when I was at the 82nd Airborne), we often worked with your counterparts in the USAF -- the Weather Recon guys. When you're planning an attack, a good weather forecast is as vital as any other piece of intelligence. And of course, when you're a paratrooper, you really want to know the weather, particularly what the wind will be like at the DZ. CCTs (Combat Control Teams) and TACPs (Tactical Air Control Parties) almost always have at least one weather recon guy.

OT: I remember one night during Team Spirit 88 -- it was horrible weather in Korea, with a driving snowstorm. Everyone was hollering for when there would be a break in the weather. After about an hour of that, the Major in charge of the DTAC's Weather Recon Team suddenly stood up and shouted: "I predict there will be a 100% chance of weather tonight!"
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