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Some of you obviously have taken too close to heart that Sleep is the ENEMY. I usually find my self in bed with that enemy, and regularly enjoy it too!

Getting 1/3 into the material is not to be unexpected, after all you are dealing with pros here. Everything has to be discussed down to to the last micro detail, and it's not possible to know in beforehand what detail's going to grab the players' attention.

I enjoyed myself, but like you said, a few more hours of sleep could have made a difference.

HQ wrote :
agreed - but I still feel like it was an a way.

In retrospect we were never going to get to ENDEX in one sitting. The big map firefights usually take from 3-6 hours pr map, the smaller maps usually take about 1-2 hours .Including getting 2 new characters introduced ( one a little longer in getting there than the other ,starting of a pretty big mission and recapping ,equipping ,making final notes before D-Day etc and inevitably discussions underway -all of it adds up into hours .Also -as said -I was a bit slow from lack of sleep...etc

All in all I feel you guys got a decent amount of time on the two -way range -and I very much look forward to the next round of games and fun .(We almost ended it mid burst as I recall )
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