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Default EPISODE 4 or 5 really

I will be arriving the evening of the 19th of november at Gen Pains pad in our lovely ,junkie/somali mugger/beggar infested capitol for some hard core gaming.

I trust that everyone has got their ducks in a row and are making their way to the occasion.

As you well know -we left of mid shoot out the last time we played - so I will recap a little for you :

1) the mission was simple -creat havoc and mayhem in the enemy rear and take out a bridge and a couple of key enemy personel as you went

2) then you were to just wait until the advance of your own mainforce made the enemy collapse and cut `em down as they ran from the front

3) go home collect medals and start peddling loot and spoils of war on the black market and trade heroic war stories for admirations of men and affections of women ( or men in some cases ) .be promoted.Get a spot on a talk show.launch line of sportswear or cooking supplies .produce a movie about yourself.marry for office.retire in a nice climate .

actual success contents may vary..

Actually you are somewhere in point 1 - I guess between mayhem and havoc and enemies -although you have secured a bridge earlier on - or at least it was in your hands when you left it -or at least in the hands of the squad sized scout unit that relieved you .

In short -mission is progressing predictably and the party is embroiled in a deadly firefight with an unexpectedly well motivated and numerous enemy contingent in the ruins of a Central valley neighbourhood.The scouts reported sighting a man that might very well be the mysterious "Johan" that is listed as objective no 2 on your mission statement.

After several attempts to break the enemy line -taking grievous losses- ,the party has retreated to the relative safety of a brick ruin and are busy with a hasty reorganization .Elsewhere along the line the battle is raging relentlessly with mortars and grenade launchers hammering away from both sides ,as well as snipers and machinegunners /vehicle gunners blasting loose at eachother .Some characters have taken hits and are doing not to good - some are unschathed by the hail of enemy bullets and rpgs.

It seems unlikely that either side will be able to outgun the other however,and some sort of decisive action must be made to end the fight .

cant wait to crack out minis and get gaming again on this one .Got to love a good battle.
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