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Originally Posted by ChalkLine View Post
What is needed is a vehicle capable of carrying a full squad with a low velocity, big bore HE weapon with high elevation. This choice of weapon will be soft on recoil and can destroy bunkers, something the infantry are crying out for. I think 120mm breech-loaded mortars would be most useful. It should have slat armour from the outset to defeat RPGs and the slat armour should conform to the hull and not drag along outside it. It should also have a CROWS III with javelin capability and the M2 HB machinegun.
The closest to this that I know of is the BMP-3 with a 100mm main gun. However, it shares most of the faults of the BMP series, so isn't a big impr.

The Kangaroo-type conversions of older tanks might work, but cramming a rifle squad in under NBC protection will be tough.
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