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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
If used properly the Bradley was a good tank killer - i.e. its not made to be used in a stand up toe to toe fight - its an ambush killer with tanks - i.e. the hey they cant see us yet nail them with the TOW and then get the heck out of here kind of tank killer

thats how we used it when we had them in the game - nailed a Russian tank in a small convoy from long distance with the TOW and then went to town with the 25mm on what was left - but there is no way in heck we would have had a chance in heck if the range had been short enough that they spotted us first and engaged first with the main gun

and considering in the game you really arent looking for a fight you are more looking to get away and run and avoid a lot of fights its a great vehicle for that - and if the opposition doesnt have anti-tank weapons its actually pretty damn good - unless you run into someone with one of the monster Russian MG's
I do not think that anyone is saying that it can not take out a tank, at least for me it is more after talking with some of the crews of them and some of the information that they gave me I think that the ATGM on the IFV is a mistake. For example things not really found in the game, talking with several crews they told me that the maximum engagement range for the TOW from the vehicle is 3750 meters, and that it takes between 40 and 50 seconds to fly that far. Now I have never been a Bradley crew either as an 11M or 19D, but that just sound like a bad option to me. Looking at it from my time in tanks where our maximum engagement range was 4000 meters, or 250 meters further, and our flight time from fire to hit was at most a second or maybe two for the HEAT round. I was also told that there is a very noticeable plum when it is fired, so assuming that the tank crew you are shooting at is at least halfway competent and you are shooting at let say half range. this gives the tank crew 20-25 seconds before the missile hits enough time to get off three to five rounds at the Bradley, and they do not need to hit just make the gunner twitch so that the missile nose dives. It may also be possible in addition or in place of shooting to pop smoke and hide so they can not hit what they can not see.

Now my understanding is that some of these were fixed in later versions of the TOW, but not sure. Still to me if it is a dismount who is doing the firing the vehicle is not exposed at all, the range is likely to be much closer, but it is easier for the dismount to get closer. By being closer it also reduces the flight time even is the speed is the same.

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