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Good work Raellus. A few points.

Some of the US Navy 7th Fleet was already forward deployed in Japan. 6,300 US Navy personnel in Japan in 1990's with 1 carrier and 8 escorts at Yokosuka, and 3 SSN's and 3 amphibs at Sasebo. Also Carrier Air Wing 5 is at Atsugi. There are also 15,000 USAF (5th Air Force) in Japan with 120 combat aircraft, and 22,000 Marines in Okinawa including the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.

Chinese PLAN was woefully outclassed by Soviets at this time and would have been chewed to pieces by Soviet submarines and aircraft. However the Soviet surface fleet was also very vulnerable to US Navy carrier aircraft and land based aircraft. Most Soviet naval action in the Pacific against US Navy would have been through submarines and Tu-22M Backfire bombers. Soviet Air Force would likely be main opponent of US aircraft in air.

Soviet Pacific Fleet:
Bases: Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk, Magadan, Sovyetskya Gavan, Cam Ranh Bay (Vietnam)
Submarines: 98 (24 SSBN, 18 SSGN, 22 SSN, 3 SSG, 27 SS)
Surface Fleet: 2 carriers, 14 cruisers, 7 destroyers, 40 frigates
Other Ships: 65 patrol craft, 102 minesweepers, 21 amphibs, 230 support and miscellaneous vessels
Naval Air: 240 combat aircraft and 99 helicopters
80 bombers (60 Tu-22M, 20 Tu-16)
50 combat aircraft (50 Yak-26) afloat
45 combat aircraft (10 Su-24, 35 Su-17) ashore
65 ASW aircraft (15 Tu-142, 17 IL-38, 33 Be-12)
61 ASW helicopter (23 Ka-25, 38 Ka-27) afloat
28 ASW helicopter (28 Mi-14) ashore
37 MR/EW aircraft (2 An-12, 20 Tu-16, 15 Tu-95)
10 MR helicopter (10 Ka-25)
5 MCM helicopter (5 Mi-14)
10 assault helicopter (10 Ka-27)
5 communication aircraft (5 Tu-142)
10 tanker aircraft (10 Tu-16)
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