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Default Morrow Project stuff.

I have been sensing that quite a few member have both an interest in T2k and Morrow project. I do as well. I created a Morrow project forum both because I had an interest in both games, and by having multiple games I was a RPG site not a T2k site (which is important if I don't want to be burdened by disclaimers, which I don't).

Originally I did not expect to do any work on my Morrow forum for a while as getting the T2k site solid was my first and only priority. But I have discovered that I am now 2nd or 3rd on Google when you search for "morrow project forum", this is actually higher than for "Twilight 2000 forum" (think I'm 5th). From my Google summary report I see we are getting clicks from Morrow fans. I don't want them to be disappointed so I am going to start to share my attention between the forums. I posted some Morrow ideas I have been playing with in the Morrow forum.

Please feel to join in the discussions or start new threads even if you don't know the game. I am sure the players here would love to answer questions.

Here is the Wikipedia link for those unfamilar

I am still not going to actively pursue new Morrow members yet. I want to wait until I am sure this box is solid with our entire RPGhost membership (i am 99% sure but also cautious). I have also seen some flame wars in some morrow groups and I kinda want to keep that out of my hair for now.
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