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Originally Posted by raketenjagdpanzer View Post
Well it wasn't just the Soviets. I've mentioned the program before, but CBS ran a rather...shall we say...biased, five-night-long attack on the Reagan defense budget for '81 that basically had us at the Soviets' mercy, entitled The Defense of the United States of America (spoiler alert: they <3 Carter's "hollow force" doctrine); then there was the rather ridiculous speculative docu-drama First Strike which had the US crumbling under a decapitation strike, suffering 15m casualties, and surrendering to the USSR in a matter of days if not hours. Oddly enough the government appeared to participate willingly in that piece of trash.

So it wasn't just GDW...
Ah very interesting! Being on the other side of the planet I never saw the broadcasts you mentioned (and considering I was in my late teens in the early 80s I really wasn't paying attention to that sort of thing anyway... girls, parties, alcohol, get a job or go to college, those things kind of dominated my world view at that time!)
It reminds me in a way of the 1952 movie Invasion USA (no, definitely not the Chuck Norris one!) that really played on the Red Menace & Red Scare fears of the time.
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