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Default wathing

Originally Posted by Earthpig

I laughed at the typo, imagining a strong lisp

as they say in trailer park boys -Ricky -

"we are wathing the stuff in the thingie there" -meaning that the question what is made into a verb that means " checking out " or "answering the question of what by finding out "


his typos are horrible- no defending that one .

I give up.

to get back to the fun stuff - his wounds
General Pain is definently the player who has sustained the worst damage during sessions .Over the years he has cut himself several times having to rush to see a doctor,fallen out of his seating arrangements ,stubbed his toe and bruised his knuckles in th ensuing rage ,burnt himself and had his house burnt about 25 % down -thank God for the insurance and his parents car crashed .(by another player -thankfully the General doesnt drive)

I guess I have forgotten some -but as he says -Rum and Coke has been involved.
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