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Default First German Archive

1ST Austrian Army
1st Korps
1st Panzergrenadier Division
1-1st Panzergenadier Bde
1-2nd Panzergrenadier Bde
1-3rd Panzergrenadier Bde
1st Panzeraufklarung Bn
1st Fallschrimjager Bn
1st Gebirgsjager Bn
2nd Gebirgsjager Bn
1st Guards Bn
1st Panzergrenadier Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)
2nd Panzergrenadier Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)
3rd Panzergrenadier Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)
4th Gebirgsjager Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)
2nd Korps
1st Gebirgsjager Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)
2nd Gebirgsjager Bde (HEIMATSCHUTZEN)

Bundeswehr - Heer OOB
6 Oct 1996
I Korps
1st Panzer Division
3rd Panzer Division
7th Panzer Division
27th Fallschrimjager Brigade
I Korps Aviation Brigade
I Korps Artillery Brigade
I Korps SAM Regiment
I Korps Pioneer Regiment
II Korps
10th Panzer Division
4th Panzergrenadier Division
1st Gerbirgsjager Division
25 Fallschrimjager Brigade
II Korps Aviation Brigade
II Korps Artillery Brigade
II Korps SAM Regiment
II Korps Pioneer Regiment
III Korps
5th Panzer Division
12th Panzer Division
2nd Panzer Division
26th Fallschrimjager Division
III Korps Aviation Brigade
III Korps Artillery Brigade
III Korps SAM Regiment
III Korps Pioneer Regiment

IV Korps (formed from Schleswig-Holstein Territorial Command and I Home Defense Command)
6th Panzergrenadier Division
8th Jager Division (Heimatschutzen) (formed from 51st Bde, 61st Bde, 71st Rgt, and 81st Rgt)

V Korps (Formed from Northern Territorial Command)
11th Jager Division (Heimatschutzen) (formed from II Home Defense Command, 52nd Bde, 62nd, Bde, 72nd Rgt, and 82nd Rgt)
14th Jager Division (Heimatschutzen) (formed from III Home Defense Command, 53rd Bde, 63rd Bde, 83rd Rgt, and 93rd Rgt)

VI Korps (formed from Southern Territorial Command)
9th Jager Division (Heimatschutzen) (formed from IV Home Defense Command, 54th Bde, 64th Bde, 74th Rgt, and 84th Rgt 1 Oct 1996)
15th Jager Division (Heimatschutzen) (formed from V Home Defense Command, 55th Bde, 65th Bde, 75th Rgt, and 85th Rgt 1 Oct 1996)
16th Jager Division Heimatschutzen) (formed from VI Home Defense Command, 56th Bde, 66th Bde, 76th Rgt, 86th Rgt, and 96th Rgt 1 Oct 1996)

Notes: Heimatschutzen alerted 27 September 1996, activated 29 September 1996. Korps and divisional headquarters formed on 1 October 1996 from merger and redesignation of existing command structures. During entry into DDR. IV, V, and VI Korps were responsible for internal security actions, II Korps deployed on Czechoslovakian border in failed attempt to dissuade Czech intervention in DDR, following Czech intervention had limited incursions into the Sudetenland to relieve pressure in the southern DDR.
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