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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six
Some of the original work on this was mine, pretty sure that some of it was Law's...think there's contributions from one or two others as well...

My original stuff is over five years old now and there's several aspects of it that I felt needed changing so I'm still researching / working on an updated orbat for British forces in the UK (and Hong Kong as a side project) which I'll post as soon as I can (I'm pretty much done on the Northern District, but still have a pile to do on Southern District)
Thanks Rainbow, as I explained I could not indentify the original author. Great job then, and the same for Law's. I'll be happy to see what you come up with in matter of changes. With time I'll be posting more of my archives, please identify the one that are yours, I'll be happy to thanks everyone for the original contributions. I have archive that could well date back to five years ago, so I'm not surprised.
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