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Default Austro-German 2nd archive

Austrian Air Force 1 Jan 1997

Fliegerregiment I - Tulln:
No. 1 Hubschrauberstaffel: 12 AB212
No. 2 Hubschrauberstaffel: 11 AB206A
No. 3 Hubschrauberstaffel: 12 OH58B
No. 4 Flachenstaffel: 16 L19

Fliegerregiment II - Zeltweg:
No. 1 Staffel: 16 J35Oe
No. 2 Staffel: 16 J35Oe
No. 3 Staffel: 16 J35Oe (Linz)
No. 4 Staffel: 16 J35Oe (Linz)
No. 1 Hubschrauberstaffel: 12 Alouette III
No. 2 Hubschrauberstaffel: 14 Alouette III

Fliegerregiment III - Linz:
AES/D: 30 Saab 105 (Light Attack)
No. 1 Hubschrauberstaffel: 12 AB212
No. 2 Hubschrauberstaffel: 14 AB204
No. 4 Transportstaffel: (1 C-130)

Air Defense Assets
3 Battalions, each: 18 20mm AA guns
1 Battalion: 18 twin 35mm AA guns, Skyguard radar controlled

Note 1: Because of the increased tensions following the Blackwinter on 1989-90, Austria expanded it’s airforce because it was determined that the existing force of 2 air superiority Staffels was insufficient to assert the Neutrality of Austrian Airspace in the event of a European War. No.3 Staffel was formed in 1990No 4 Staffel in 1992. Aircraft were purchased from Denmark as it completed it’s F-16 purchase. Several Additonal airframes were purchased from Sweden to be used as attrition replacements.

Note 2: A contract with the United States to purchase 18 Patriot Block 2 Launchers and several hundred missiles, and had been signed and approved by both governments, however delivery was to begin in 1997, but was subsequently cancelled by the United States, due to it’s material requirements for the war on 15 December 1996.
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