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Originally Posted by boogiedowndonovan
any chance he'll be able to post his USMC writeup? I've been waiting for that one.
Last time I spoke to him, he was hoping to get me an outline by the end of the week. As far as I know, it will be a detailed orbat (battalion/independent company level) and general information about areas of employment. It will differ fairly significantly from the v1 canon, in that it will more accurately reflect 1980s employment concepts.

For example, RDF Sourcebook has both 1st and 3d MarDivs in Iran, with 4th (and 5th and 6th) in Korea. 1st and 3rd both fought in Vietnam, but in the 80s one of them (which escapes me at the moment) was stationed in Okinawa, "hard-wired" for Korea, while the other had a more general South/West Pacific focus. So we send that one to Iran and bring 4th (the reserve division) into Iran for the 1997 counter-attack, appearing over the horizon at Bandar Abbas after a LONG float from San Diego. 5th Division goes to Europe to reinforce the 2nd, and the 6th goes to Korea. The rear detachments, training establishments and permanent shoreside facilities consolidate into 2 brigades, one on each coast, following the TDM, and do local security and reconstruction tasks. The Pacific brigade is based in Oregon.
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