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For once Law, I think I actually agree with you (everyone look up, I think the sky is about to fall!)

EVERYONE is free to use whatever timeline, hell, whatever reality they want. I tend towards the published books simply because that's the baseline - everybody has access to it and can modify it at will.

While there are some rather glaring discrepancies with it, I prefer to look at how and why certain events took place as they did, rather than change the face of the universe to better fit my own perceptions of "reality". This approach is probably more useful to the majority of people, because it's extrapolated directly from the established baseline.

A totally revised history, etc such as that which the DC group is working to produce, is less likely to be used on a wide scale just because it is so very different to what most of us have grown to know and love over the past few decades.

Doesn't mean it's any less valid, just that it's the interpretation of half a dozen people amongst thousands, possibly tens of thousands of T2K players and GMs.
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