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I admire the work the DC Working Group has done and continues to do. I know they know what they are talking about and I don't doubt their military knowledge. My only concerns are that rather than changing events to match the outcome they might end up with US and other NATO forces much more powerful by 2000 that what canon says. Logically that would than change the nature of the environment in which the original Twilight was meant to be played. Instead of there being just one US submarine left by 2000 there will be a bunch of them, and other US military assets will also be far more plentiful than in canon. That is where my concerns lie.

I think that with hindsight and due to pride in US military might the DC Working Group might be greatly downplaying the abilities of the Warsaw Pact. We seem to forget how worried everyone was about the power of the Warsaw Pact back during the Cold War. Surely if NATO had as many combat assets by 2000 as the DC Working Group is suggesting it would have, how is it a stalemate like in canon? Seems to me more like NATO would walk right over the Warsaw Pact at the end and that would greatly change the gaming environment IMO.

I'm not meaning to be too critical here, please understand that. I love the Czech Vehicle Guide. I still really look forward to what the DC Working Group comes up with in the end. If pride won't allow us to have the Soviets smash NATO as hard as canon says they did, what about just a few situations where plain old bad luck nailed NATO?
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