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Originally Posted by Legbreaker
The concern I have with both sides being stronger is the war is likely to be much shorter.
One could just as easily argue that stronger forces could prolong the war. WWII was fought on three continents (and scores of Pacific islands and atolls) by armies of millions of men and it went on for six years (longer if you consider its starting point to have been the Japanese invasion of Manchuria).

As you pointed out, though, the respective unit starting points, deployment schedules, and transportation difficulties would mean that many units, both NATO and WTO, would be joining the various campaigns piecemeal and this would prolong the war. According to canon, once the nukes start flying, things start slowing down to 17th century speeds, further slowing the pace of the war.

So, I think one can reasonably reconcile the DC group's beefed up balance of forces with the canonical timelines.

That said, there's no reason to use the DC group's numbers if you don't want to.
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