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Originally Posted by Raellus
I can see known communists being interned. It wouldn't require that much manpower to run a couple of internment camps for suspected enemies of democracy (and capitalism).

I don't think other members of unafiliated groups like the Klan or the Black Panthers being interned- not unless they showed support for the Soviets and their allies, which is a possibility in the latter case (solidarity between the oppressed American underclass and the workers of the world). As far as I know, the Klan was left alone during WWII. Besides, they're pretty staunchly anti-communist, aren't they?

They are pretty staunchly against everything! And they did and probably still do run alot of small remote communities.

As for those who would be pro communist, I really wonder if they would survive the days after an attack. They would probably be an immediate target by the populace in their communities, unless the community was of their ilk. Otherwise they would be something to strike at localy by the people who would have rage. And in part they would be part of the problem, since it was the folks these procommies and such would have supported who nuked us. Thus, they may end up getting shot, lynched, beaten to a pulp or within an inch of their lives, or maybe an old fashioned treatment, taring and feathering.

Think, in the T2K world would someone who had once been an advocate of the Russians and maybe still had those sympathies or preached them or associated with such sympathies, how welcome would they be in any community? I could see them being at the very least forced out, either told to go, or a molotov cocktail tossed through their window as an encoruagement to get out.

A few probably would find themselves in a jail here and there, but as with a concentration camp or a small and local jail, you have to feed, house and care for them. And could a communitee aford that?

And could the government afford to maintain a concentration camp, which would include, space, food, facilities, guards, transportation of them to a few central areas. Unless they have them on work parties or chain gangs, I wonder what the point of having a concentration camp or jail would be? Its a matter of resources and they won't have them, so they either get put to work, or executed or warned and let go. I can see people being sentanced to days hard labor as a fine, much like they are required to do community service today. But, on real work details, like a lumber or brick or ruble clearing or road repair detail. Or, we can bring back putting prisoners to working in mines which wouldn't be a bad idea.
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