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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
Would you focus on the USS Constitution as well or focus mostly on the players as pretty independent.
The Constitution would be there as a goad or an occasional resource or supply point or Deus ex machina, but not on the PC's schedule--they wouldn't have it handy to wield as their personal battleship, but if things got tight, they might be seen sailing over the horizon or calling the group for a social visit, just in time.... I see the ship as the provider for occasional adventure seeds, or trading potential. ("You found how many of these? We can sell every one for a major profit over on Barbados. Can you go back and find more?")
The real drama(s) are with the folks on the ground and their potential to uplift or destroy the islands' precarious hold on existence. And making friends and enemies in higher circles; both of which may come back to revisit the PCs at some unexpected point in their adventures.
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