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Amusingly, we posted answers at the same time, my post just above yours has some info on the coal capacity and range of the Boyne and Embly.

Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Have a feeling they would be getting armed by 2000 for sure - maybe even earlier - heck look at the what they did to the Constitution replica - those movie cannons got replaced by 50 cals - could easily see the Australians adding some nice weaponry to defend themselves so you would get this kind of scenario

"hey its just a freighter she is easy pickings!" - and then find out the hard way that she has been modified and can defend herself very well thank you

Frankly I dont see any ship of any kind by 1999 or so going anywhere on the high seas without at least some 50 cal's added for self defense

I will see what I can find on range and what it was on coal alone (I know they also had auxiliary engines as well that ran on diesel to supplement if needed the coal fired ones for longer trips)

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